Where to do it: On the bridge in Kelvingrove Park

How to do it: The parameters for making a swing vary from location to location, and there are many different ways to rig one in a consistent place. The swing in the pictures was designed for speed of rig\de-rig, as it was located at a site of potential misdemeanour.

Two short 6mm lengths of rope were passed through the holes in a round piece of wood that was a chair leg in a previous life. One end was tied with an Ashley’s stopper knot, a figure of eight was tied in the other, onto which was clipped a karabiner (on both ropes). The main rope was halved and fed through the metal bars on the bridge at the same width as the tie-ins on the stick. A double overhand knot then secured the rope, and the excess was tied to the middle bar to stop slippage. Alpine butterfly knots were tied into one side of the line to make for easy access down and up from the swing. Attach the seat and swing away. Convoluted.

Care: Check your knots! Even if you guessed! Check it was a good guess!

Equipment: Safe static (not stretchy) rope if you’re feeling sensible, bailer twine if you’re feeling dangerous. A stick that is a joy to hold (it will be a joy to sit on).

Hazards/risks: Broken anchor points = broken bones. Broken ropes = broken bones. Broken seats = broken bums and, broken egos.

Suitability for wet weather: Yes!

Grade of difficulty: 7